The Old and the New Year

2013 has been crazy for me some were good and some were bad. Like the time my mom and I got some gas we were about to leave then we herd a loud sound it just got louder we found out what it was. It was a older lady her leg was trapped! She called her family while people were calling 911. Ii was so scary. Then Christmas came at my house with my mom and sister. I got a soccer ball it was green and white, a tablet but there is a problem i have to have wifi and i live near the woods, and nail polish and lip gloss. Then came Christmas at my Ants house. My cousin got some toy tools and a toy drill that makes loud sound. So that was the old year. I’m hopping that the new year will be different. Like me having nice handwriting and good at math. I’m also going to stop my older cousin from going through my stuff. I’m also going to read new books like Dork diary #2, Dork diary #6, Wizard of oz, and Hunger games.

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