A Gift With Thought

”Stomp,Stomp” I could hear as ran as fast as I could to my moms car! We had just bought my sisters bonus box at the mall. It was a long drive back to the house I was helplessly daising looking at the clouds. When we got to the house I ran inside. My mom said” let’s hide her gift where she can’t find it and give it to her on her birthday .”. I thought that was a great idea.So we decided to hide it in my mom’s bedroom on tho top of the shelf in my mom’s closet. Then the next day my mom and I said to my sister” Happy Birth Day!”. I handed her the present it was a big,cute,pink hello kitty and she had a big smile and gave me a hug and said” I love it because you thought of it.”. Then I learned that its better to make someone happy other than your self.

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